Why should I use a Paid Search advertising campaign? Paid Search Services or PayPer Click is a brilliant marketing method for businesses who need to generate new leads fast and brand awareness. But its price depends on the skill of the manager. Call now to discuss your business needs to get quick response.

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Paid Search Strategy

A strong Paid Search advertising campaign is an effective way of driving targeted customers to your website, allowing you to achieve your goals and ensure an impressive ROI. We begin by defining our client’s objectives and implementing them into a strategy to deliver campaign targets and KPI’s.

Keywords Research

Targeting the wrong keywords in a Paid Search campaign could bring the wrong visitors and waste budget whilst aligning an SEO campaign to the wrong niche. iubi digital use sophisticated techniques ensuring you cover the full search landscape but avoid the areas which aren’t right for your business.

Ad Extensions

Ad extensions have become a vital part of the Paid Search arsenal. The ad extensions allow you to add additional business information to a basic text ad. It is also a common approach to add product information to the ad in form of an ad extension. This a great opportunity to stand out, over your competitors.

Competitor Analysis

By taking a closer look at your search market you operate within, we not only reveal whom your true competitors are, and uncover what their strategy is. Analysing the market can also reveal potential content topics to target and gaps within the sector where you can carve a name for yourself.

Conversion Tracking

Without the right data, optimising a paid search campaign would just be a shot in the dark. Conversion tracking allows us to identify which ads and which keywords are the most effective for your business. It will tell us which keywords and ads drove clicks and conversions.


We will provides you with report data and a summary of results for your paid search marketing campaigns; what we have done since our last report; what we have noticed your competitors doing and of course, how your paid search is performing against the key metrics you are most interested in.

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